Firesky is an ancient tale taking place in a universe much different than our own. It’s a story filled with revenge, twists, and good versus evil.

Heroes, liaisons of the gods, are chosen to fight and carry out missions on behalf of the gods to keep balance in the universe against the onslaught of darkness and evil brought by the Demon King, the Dragon King’s monstrous gift to the world before his mysterious disappearance from the Nexus.

Each season, players will unlock a new cast of heroes and adventures to learn more about the stories of Firesky and become a legendary hero themselves.

Season one opens with Keiko’s story, a young girl with a dragon soul and the heart of a phoenix.


Keiko is called upon by the Monkey King in season one to embark on a journey to the Dragon Castle to open a portal that has been taken by the Demon King. This portal is the only way to access hell, where the Blood Dragon has kept the Phoenix captive. During her journey, Keiko discovers the truth about her past and destiny.


Every Season features new Guardians who the player can acquire. These featured Guardians have new powers and abilities that can be customized to maximum player efficiency to dominate in the Arena.


Players battle against one another in the Arena of the Gods. To fight for the honor of their patron, players will battle each other and climb to the top of the leaderboard in order to obtain fabulous gifts from the Gods.


These quests are side stories that help flesh out the world of Firesky. Each Hero Quest contains a piece of the puzzle of the events unfolding within the Nexus and gives players a chance to try out the newest featured Guardian.

To be continued...