Firesky is an ancient tale taking place in a universe much different than our own. It’s a story filled with revenge, twists, and good versus evil.

Heroes, liaisons of the gods, are chosen to fight and carry out missions on behalf of the gods to keep balance in the universe against the onslaught of darkness and evil brought by the Demon King, the Dragon King’s monstrous gift to the world before his mysterious disappearance from the Nexus.

Each season, players will unlock a new cast of heroes and adventures to learn more about the stories of Firesky and become a legendary hero themselves.

Season one opens with Keiko’s story, a young girl with a dragon soul and the heart of a phoenix.


Keiko is called upon by the Monkey King in season one to embark on a journey to the Dragon Castle to open a portal that has been taken by the Demon King. This portal is the only way to access hell, where the Blood Dragon has kept the Phoenix captive. During her journey, Keiko discovers the truth about her past and destiny.


The sacred light of the Monkey flowed into the Tranquil Village for ages, making it a harmonious center for cultures all around the universe to convene. Now, the center is shrouded in darkness, stripping away all peace and harmony it was once known for.

The great Portal Hero, a monk of mighty powers, is enslaved by the dark forces emanating from the portal. He needs to be released from the Demon King’s grip. Mondo, a strong warrior trained in the temples of the village, has been chosen by the universe Monkey King to save the citizens and recover the portal.


A once peaceful sanctuary where cultures from all over the universe came to meditate and pray to the Mystic Tiger, this religious refuge has been a center of harmonious congregation for thousands of years. Its portal was used as a beacon of communication between the Tiger and his believers.

Now, the sanctuary and portal are under the Demon King’s control, blocking all access and connection to both the god and the spirit world. The Mystic Tiger has chosen Grim, the adopted son of the Tiger, to save the land and defeat the Demon King.


Keiko, Mondo, and Grim have reached the gates of hell, coming ever closer to darkness it harnesses. The red wasteland is populated with demons as far as the eye can see. They know they have a long fight ahead of them, but stopping the Demon King is the only thing that matters.

To be continued...